The Benning School for Boys

Seems like only yesterday…

Actually it was at noon on June 3, 1968, which is roughly 15,147 yesterdays. The magic day and time I graduated from the Benning School for Boys.

Sounds like a reform school for “troubled” youth. In a way, it was. Considering that it was a one-way track that led straight to the infantry in Viet Nam.

UPDATE:  Whoa. The school is on Facebook. Who knew? Even the 101st ABD claims it. Apparently the name was first given in World War II and applied to all combat training at Benning, not just OCS. News to me.

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  1. My name is Doug Phipps. Were you in my class at Benning?
    Was Keith Rapp in your class?

    • I don’t know. Who could remember all those names? More than 200 started and about half of us graduated. My class was 504-68, 60th Company. Was that yours?