Israel’s one-sided road rage

No Palis hurt, no settlers involved, so no big Western media whoop-de-do. Just more babble about the two-state solution. How’s that for court-media cynicism?

“Yesterday a car carrying a husband and wife – Jewish residents of a Jordan Valley community inside the green line – came under fire from a passing car between Rimonim and Kochav HaShachar in the Binyamin region (located outside the green line).

“The husband (who was driving) was wounded by the gunfire and lost control of the car.  His wife was injured in the subsequent roll-over/crash caused by attack.”

I’m paying more attention to these items, being just about thirty days away from visiting Israel. Altho I’m sure my host and guide, Mr. Goon, will not be taking me anywhere outside the green line.

Via Treppenwitz.

UPDATE:  When they do report on Israel, the increasingly irrelevant court media lies. Not that they didn’t before.

0 responses to “Israel’s one-sided road rage

  1. Maybe you oughta practice up on your skills with an M-16. Being Army, and an officer at that, you might need some more training…


  2. Naw, Israel is a very peaceful country, in the main, the farther away you get from the murderous Palis.

  3. jdallen – M16 is no good in the confines of a car seat. You will be much better off with a shorter versions of an automatic rifle.

    Check out the mini-Tavor, which is becoming de-facto standard in IDF


  4. “Naw, Israel is a very peaceful country…”

    Generally. Not on the road, though. Imagine New York, Boston and San Francisco thrown together 😉

  5. I’m already having troubling imagining 24 hours at the mercy of Homeland Security, the price of airline travel these days.