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Those 1967 lines

I’m not sure what to make of the speech. As usual for one of his opuses, it was both too precise and too general. And, I’d be willing to bet money on this, it will have little affect beyond the anger it has generated among the pro-Israel folks. Not to mention Hamas.

He can’t impose his terms on the parties, even if the Congress would let him which it probably won’t. The Republicans because they disagree with him and the Democrats because they want all that liberal Jewish cash to keep flowing their way. Which it won’t if the donors fear Israel is endangered. Which it could be under the new policy terms of the speech.

Which is certainly just as well for the Israelis and those like me who wish them well. It continues to amaze me that otherwise rational politicians continue to pretend that the Palis, perpetually lying and intolerant phonies that they are, are actual “partners for peace” for anyone, let alone Israel. Even their name is a phony, a name they never called themselves before Israel was reborn. It’s the name the Roman Emperor Hadrian imposed on Judea many moons ago as an insult to the Jews who hated him for building statues of Jupiter on the Temple Mount. Hadrian renamed Judea Palestinia.

Fortunately, the Palis also shot themselves in the foot (as usual) when they decided not long ago to have a unity government of Hamas and the PA. And recently underscored their love of terrorists. The speech made it clear several times that without them agreeing on Israel’s right to exist and then demilitarizing (Give up their AKs? Give up their stone throwing? Fat chance) none of this 1967 lines business will pertain.

Then there’s the problem of Jerusalem. The “emotional” problem the speech called it. Not to mention the capital of Israel, home of the Knesset, etc. Give it up? Give up the Kotel for “peace” with the untrustworthy PA and Hamas? Don’t hold your breath.

And, finally and maybe foremost, there’s the little matter of the Jordan Valley.  Israel will never give it up, if only for the sake of the boys who died securing it. But there’s more. They will not put themselves back in the militarily-vulnerable position of 1949 no matter what any American  president demands. They aren’t insane.

UPDATE:  The speech is already being backpedaled by the speaker. No surprise. The wonder is that he has any chance at reelection at all. The advantage of being a tan man, apparently. Sure ain’t for brilliance.

Israel’s one-sided road rage

No Palis hurt, no settlers involved, so no big Western media whoop-de-do. Just more babble about the two-state solution. How’s that for court-media cynicism?

“Yesterday a car carrying a husband and wife – Jewish residents of a Jordan Valley community inside the green line – came under fire from a passing car between Rimonim and Kochav HaShachar in the Binyamin region (located outside the green line).

“The husband (who was driving) was wounded by the gunfire and lost control of the car.  His wife was injured in the subsequent roll-over/crash caused by attack.”

I’m paying more attention to these items, being just about thirty days away from visiting Israel. Altho I’m sure my host and guide, Mr. Goon, will not be taking me anywhere outside the green line.

Via Treppenwitz.

UPDATE:  When they do report on Israel, the increasingly irrelevant court media lies. Not that they didn’t before.