Say a prayer for…

Rare reader and longtime blogging pal Snoopy-the-Goon in Israel had a heart attack today. His son emailed me about it and said a stent had been put in the offending artery and the recovery seems to be going okay.

He also advised I should cancel my plans to come visit them in October, but I’m going to think about that before I do it. I might book a hotel and plan to take buses, etc. Maybe pay a short visit to the patient. In the meantime, please say a prayer for Snoop’s continuing recovery.

Refuah Shlema!.

0 responses to “Say a prayer for…

  1. I reckon a prayer is a prayer, even from a guy like me. Count me in.


  2. Thanks, JD.

  3. Dick, Sorry to hear abouy your friend. Hope you can till make your trip to Israel. I know I really enjoyed my time there. Tom

  4. I may, Tom, but I haven’t decided yet.

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  6. Poor Snoop. One thing in his favor, though: he’s not likely to take this lying down, so to speak.

    Here’s hoping for the quickest possible rebound.

  7. CG:

    He’s already back to emailing me and posting things on his blog. So, yes, he seems to be rebounding. Now if he can just stay away from the cigarettes, he may live a good while longer.


    At Snoop’s request, I’ve rescheduled my trip for late March. So that’s settled.

  8. Thank you all, guys. I am taking it as it comes and yes, not exactly lying down.

    Rehabilitation center: doesn’t it sound like something Chinese folks would have organized for less revolution-minded of their brethren? Just asking.