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RIP Snoopy

My good friend Snoopy the Goon, Israeli proprietor of the blog Simply Jews, passed away Nov. 27. Presumably from complications of high blood pressure and the side effects of a beastly drug he was taking for high cholesterol. You will be very much missed, Mr. Goon, by many of us who called you friend. Prayers are in order for his wife, children and grandchildren, who must now deal with their grief.

Snoopy’s great adventures

For those who follow the adventures of my Israeli pal Snoopy the Goon and wonder where he’s gotten to the last few days, he’s in the outback of Australia with the Mrs, about 800 km from Brisbane.

“We are in Australia with our daughter, gallivanting in the boonies and photographing birds and other animals. I hope we’ll survive the experience – the regime reminds most of all an army boot camp, the chiefs are really fanatics of bird photography.

“The country is amazing in all respects, wildlife being only one of them. It appears that Australia is a nanny state second to none. A lot of rules, regulations etc. Cigarettes, for instance, are not on display in the places that sell them, the procedure is somewhat furtive, like buying narcotics…

“…and here is another curious item: the tipping in restaurants and other situations is not a done thing here.  I am not a sociologist, but the result is terrible service in the restaurants. At least this is an obvious one. Slow, mix-up with orders, no attention to the timing of the dishes etc. During a breakfast in a similarly upscale eatery one of our group didn’t get his order at all, in spite of the waiter been reminded twice. When our guide went to complain, he was told that the kitchen is ‘very busy’!

“We were told that the waiters’ salaries are good enough so they don’t rely on tips. You can easily deduce the result.”

For more of Mr. Goon’s inimitable style, try his blog Simply Jews where friends are holding down the fort in his absence.

He said/ she said so much easier than thinking

“But The New York Times journalist, whose job it is to deliver the facts, does not mention the evidence which blows Palestinian alleged witness claims out of the water and which also belies Ashrawi’s unfounded allegation: the televised footage of Sider running with the knife.”

Hey, print journalists scorn the TV types. Video-schmideo. We all know how video can be doctored, right? Not nearly as easy as the print version, however, it must be said. Eh, NYTimes?

Via Simply Jews.

Shut down Al Aqsa


When mosques become military installations used to store weapons (ever lost an eye or half your brain to a flying chunk of concrete?) they deserve to be shuttered & demolished. And so with Al Aqsa (the interior shown above), the pretend site of Mighty Mo’s ascension to heaven on a flying horse. Or some such mystical twaddle.

Sure the Arab world will go ape-shit, but they already do now every time one of their half-wit, goat-f**king brethren raises the cry that the dreaded Jews want to desecrate Al Aqsa by, get this, praying there. Either shut it down and suffer the inevitable bloodletting, but with a definite end in sight, or continue Dayan’s Folly and the death of a thousand cuts forever.

Via Simply Jews

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, back at the White House, our prevaricator-in-chief is lying: “As the number of Israelis murdered during a streak of Palestinian terrorism continues to rise, the Obama administration sought to equate the sides and told reporters that, in its view, Israel is guilty of terrorism.”

In our view, the Obama administration is guilty of stupidity.

Bring out your dead

Barry Hussein tried and failed to defeat Bibi, but he isn’t likely to have learned anything from it, much less to dispose of his Iran policy which has done the impossible: united Israel and the Arabs.

It isn’t Mr. Obama’s habit to admit error, or to be gracious to his opponents, but it would serve the interests of both nations if he were. Israel’s raucous democracy is imperfect, like America’s, but it is the only reliable one in the bloody cauldron of the Middle East.”

The curious thing, as Mr. Goon says, was that even the exit polls showed Bibi losing, all of them having almost the same numerical result. As if the fix was in to sway the voters right up until the polls closed.


The two-edged sword


Cartoonist Carlos Latuff, apparently, is a notorious anti-Semite and his online mag the Middle East Monitor about as anti-Israel as you can get. Nevertheless, this one looks spot-on to me. Indeed, until Islam as a whole heeds Eqyptian president al-Sisi’s call for reform and works to stop these attacks its prophet and his adherents will continue to be perfect targets for satire and revenge.

Via Simply Jews.

The PC Cult

As seen through the sharp lenses of celebrated Russian writer Victor Pelevin:

“I think political correctness is justified when it allows you to preserve human dignity. When it becomes a fetish and a national cult, it is a bit ridiculous. Nobody wants linguistic He-or-shema, as in America, but in any society where different ethnicities live one next to the other, a certain minimum of politically correct clichés will not hurt. Americans are very pragmatic people. They introduced political correctness because it instantly creates a formal bridge across the emotionally charged quagmire. Call a black person a Negro and you immediately acquire a share of responsibility for the slave trade. Call him/her an African-American, and it will be easy to fire him/her. Political correctness creates clear rules, relying on which you can avoid ambiguity, although by itself political correctness is a very ambiguous thing.”

An ambiguity that facilitates news media witch hunts (and racist-manufacturing machines like Al Sharpton) against anyone the cult disagrees with for whatever reason, narrowing the range of thought and steering it hard Left.

Via Simply Jews.