The Caged Bridge

La Linda used to be a fairly decent-sized Mexican mining town of about 5,000 people, shipping its fluorspar north across the border on a bridge built by Dow Chemical in 1964.

(Fluorspar is used in plastics, refrigerants, stainless steel and electroplating.)

The traffic stopped in 1997 when the bridge, which was also being used by smugglers, acquired an impassable cage preventing passage in either direction.

“The distance between Del Rio, TX and Presidio, TX is now the longest stretch on the border with no crossings. [385] miles as a matter of fact.  Overnight, La Linda died.”

Course the illegals and the drug smugglers can still cross the Rio Grande below the bridge, and they almost certainly do. It’s just not as easy as it was before. AndyJ at My Old RV has the rest of the story in Eerie Silence – The Ghost Village of La Linda.

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  1. No one in the world succeeded yet to stop the smugglers. As we can see, the normal people are the ones to get it in the neck…

  2. Of course. On the other hand, we might bring in your own compatriots and have them build one of their effective walls.