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Adios Andy

Andy at My Old RV has thrown in the pixels. He’s closed his blog though it still can be found here—at least for a while. Also bailing on his alternate blog here.

Well, he is 62. And I’m just twelve years older. But then I still enjoy blogging.

Curmudgeonly, yes, but also true

“…I tire of our early 21st century world which is dubiously the rudest and crudest society in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, regard for fairness, deference to authority, and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions.”

Ain’t it the truth, with a criminal president and a news media that aids and abets him.

(Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!)

Via MyOldRV.

Rule 5: Texas Tan Line


Via MyOldRV

Common Sense

I like to read Andy at My Old RV, not only to find out what’s going on in the oil patch, but just to hear some good old fashioned common sense. Here he is on the Affordable (choke) Care Act:

“Miss K’s project of the week has been watching the disintegration of an American President.  She has taken it on herself to read the Affordable Care Act first hand just to see what we got goin’ on here for real since you can’t trust that Dianne Sawyer.  Brian Williams comes a tad closer to separating the fly shit from the pepper but he still doesn’t tell us all he knows. Miss K says there is plenty more stuff in that ACA that is gonna set everybody on their head and nobody is even talking about…..yet. I say flat out bold lying is fraud and that is an impeachable act.”

Yep. At least in a reality-based world that doesn’t give extra points for skin color and hair texture.

The Caged Bridge

La Linda used to be a fairly decent-sized Mexican mining town of about 5,000 people, shipping its fluorspar north across the border on a bridge built by Dow Chemical in 1964.

(Fluorspar is used in plastics, refrigerants, stainless steel and electroplating.)

The traffic stopped in 1997 when the bridge, which was also being used by smugglers, acquired an impassable cage preventing passage in either direction.

“The distance between Del Rio, TX and Presidio, TX is now the longest stretch on the border with no crossings. [385] miles as a matter of fact.  Overnight, La Linda died.”

Course the illegals and the drug smugglers can still cross the Rio Grande below the bridge, and they almost certainly do. It’s just not as easy as it was before. AndyJ at My Old RV has the rest of the story in Eerie Silence – The Ghost Village of La Linda.