A Scouting he goes

Mr. B. left a short while ago with two chums and one of their fathers for an overnight camping trip with the Boy Scouts on a private ranch near Bastrop, their final Cub Scout Webelos II requirement.

S’posed to be in the 40s out there tonight with a good chance of showers. Mrs. C., of course, sent him with twice as much as he needs, but maybe she’s right. A few more years of these once-a-month Scout adventures and he’ll know what to do on his own.

0 responses to “A Scouting he goes

  1. A man must do what a man must do. Including schlepping twice as much luggage as needed because of his mom. Or because of his SWMBO. Whatever.

  2. So it seems. He came home with most of it, as far as I can tell, anyhow. Most of it wet, of course.

    Said he had lots of fun. Got to help cut down a tree (with a double-handled saw) for the log cabin the Scouts are making.