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A Scouting he goes

Mr. B. left a short while ago with two chums and one of their fathers for an overnight camping trip with the Boy Scouts on a private ranch near Bastrop, their final Cub Scout Webelos II requirement.

S’posed to be in the 40s out there tonight with a good chance of showers. Mrs. C., of course, sent him with twice as much as he needs, but maybe she’s right. A few more years of these once-a-month Scout adventures and he’ll know what to do on his own.



I borrowed this from Texas Chef, who seems to have got it off this Wikipedia entry about Wales. He wonders if anyone in Texas still builds these things, called stiles. I remember seeing one–a bit shorter than this one–near a rest stop on US 290 West, east of Fredericksburg. Or maybe it was Texas 71, west of Bastrop (which, BTW, is celebrating it’s 175th anniversary this weekend), but I think it was on 290. Looked pretty ingenious to me. Doesn’t defeat the fence because it’s too narrow for the animal (theoretically, anyway) to get over it.