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A Scouting he goes

Mr. B. left a short while ago with two chums and one of their fathers for an overnight camping trip with the Boy Scouts on a private ranch near Bastrop, their final Cub Scout Webelos II requirement.

S’posed to be in the 40s out there tonight with a good chance of showers. Mrs. C., of course, sent him with twice as much as he needs, but maybe she’s right. A few more years of these once-a-month Scout adventures and he’ll know what to do on his own.

A camping we go

Me, Mr. B. and Wyatt (one of his Webelos II running buddies), go tonight for what will be my second-to-last camping trip before they move on into Boy Scouts, which does not encourage, let alone require, parents to go camping with them. So two more nights on the ground (albeit with an air mattress) and I’m done with it.

Forecast is for a warmish night, and (my bet) another loss for the Longhorns to lowly Florida Whatever, which I will be listening to on the radio. This time the boys and I are coming full-circle, back to the first camping spot they did when they were Tiger Cub scouts a few years ago: McKinney Falls State Park. Picturesque, especially the pretty falls area—except for the periodic roar of the commercial jets taking off from nearby Austin International Airport.

UPDATE:  As one of the other older fathers said: I don’t know which hurts worse, my back or my butt. I do know this was my last camping trip sleeping on the ground. The worst part, actually, was getting up and down and spending time on my knees getting everything set up and then torn down. But they had fun. Glad, too, that the Longhorns won.


300px-2-talent_caliberMr. B’s Webelos II Cub Scout den is building a catapult this morning on some rural land northwest of the rancho.

Presumably a good deal smaller (and less dangerous) than this Roman ballista. I hope so, anyhow.

It’s part of their engineering achievement dealie for their Arrow of Light.

Don’t ask me what the AoL means. I was in Boy Scouts but never finished Cubs, if they even had AoLs back in my personal Dark Ages.