Memorializing the slain

Memorial service scheduled at 7 tonight at Congregation Agudas Achim at the J, for the murdered Fogel family of Itamar, an Orthodox Jewish settlement in the West Bank: Udi, 36, top right; Ruth, 35, top left; L-R bottom, Elad, 4, Yudi, 11, and Hadas, three months.

They were massacred in their home at night while they were sleeping. They were stabbed to death, or had their throats cut, except the infant girl, who was decapitated.

Most Western media have ignored the killings or marginalized them with brief yes-but articles. Ever shilling for the Palestinians, no matter what they do. Anti-Semitism is on the rise? You best believe it.

That’s one reason the J has a guarded gate, staffed by armed off-duty cops.

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