Kindle books at $1

Well, 99 cents, actually, but it’s easier to write a $ sign and a 1. The point is that $1 books are taking over ebook sales at Amazon:

“A few years ago there were just two $1 items in the [Amazon] Top 100. Today, there are 34. The top 4 spots are at $1. [Seven] out of the Top 10 are at $1.

“The signs couldn’t be clearer. Customers want the [publishing] efficiency [of ebooks] to be shared with them – and they’re richly rewarding authors and developers who are eliminating their fear and greed and going with a customer friendly and profit friendly $1.”

Works for me, though I’ll still pay $10 for an ebook if I really want it, but I’m trying to break myself of the habit. The $1 books just make more sense, especially for unknown authors.

The low price helps entice readers to take a chance on someone they never heard of, and many of those unknowns, ahem, write good stuff. That’s why I lowered Knoxville 1863 and Leaving the Alamo to 99 cents each.

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