Enjoy the weather, it’s the only weather you’ve got

Somehow, in all my other distractions, I managed to miss Joe Bastardi’s February departure from Accuweather. Part of it was letting my Pro subscription lapse last summer when I had to get a new credit card and forgot to update my account. When they finally got around to asking for the update, I decided to let it go.

Bastardi was fun to read (and to listen to his brief video forecasts) but his focus wandered and I could have a hard time understanding him. I also got a little tired (despite agreeing with him) of his anti-AGW rants. But I always figured I could resume my sub if I got to missing him.

Then I got busy with the three (yes!) books I’m writing, and my spring trip to Israel. Only noticed the other day that old JB had gone missing because I always liked to hear his latest hurricane forecast and we’re coming up on the active part of that season right now.

Well, turns out he’s the new chief meteor of a start-up called Weatherbell, frequently appears on Fox, does guest shots on WUWT, and still Tweets (though how he can compress his natural verbosity into a Tweet is beyond me). My only question is does he still end his forecasts with the famous (and funny) line that’s the title of this post? Or does Accuweather claim to own it? I may have to subscribe to his new gig to find out.

0 responses to “Enjoy the weather, it’s the only weather you’ve got

  1. An apropos question: how come weather, the most elusive subject, became so popular on TV?

  2. Dick Stanley

    It isn’t, actually, except when the weather is extreme. I suppose because explanations for it are elusive.