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Frozen slurpee Waves


Mrs. Charm and I were complaining today about how cold this winter has been in Central Texas and how it seems to be continuing with more forecast this week. It could be worse, as this photo off Massachusetts shows:

“The waves captured by photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh are so thick with ice that they’ve drawn comparisons to ‘Slurpees’ and other frozen beverages, but the texture and shape of the wave also suggest a giant, grey tongue, licking the shores of Nantucket.

“Here’s what the photographer had to say about his images: ‘When I pulled up to the beach I could see the horizon just look strange. When I got to the top off the dunes I saw that beginning about 300 yards away from the shoreline the ocean was starting to freeze.

“‘The high temp that day was around 19 degrees. The wind was howling from the southwest which would typically make rough or choppy conditions not so good for surfing, but since the surface of the sea was frozen slush the wind did not change the shape. What resulted was perfect, dreamy, slush waves. Most waves were around 2 feet with some larger sets slushing through around 3 foot or waist high. What an experience to be absolutely freezing on the beach watching these roll in while I mind-surfed them! I wonder if a shaper can make me a special designed slurfboard?

“‘The next day I drove up to see if they melted but beginning that same 300 yards away from shore the water had frozen solid and there were no waves at all. I’ve been asking all the fishermen and surfers I know if they have ever seen such a thing and they have all reported that this is a first, a result of it being the coldest winter we’ve had in 81 years. I guess the people I asked weren’t old enough to remember a colder winter than this!”

Still worried about your carbon footprint and the government’s illusory global warming?

Via WeatherBell’s Joe D’Aleo.

Hard freeze impending

“Stay safe in the central [U.S.]- the next few day[s] will be brutal.”

That’s Joe D’Aleo at Weatherbell, adding to the warnings of regional meteorologists forecasting fourteen hours of below freezing temps for us, starting sometime later this evening. Which we call a hard freeze because we don’t get many of them this far south.

Tonight’s low is forecast to be 23 degrees and Monday night’s just 19 degrees. Hopefully, the air will warm up in between those lows.

Goodbye to the elephant ears in the rancho’s front beds. But they’ll bounce back from the roots in the spring I expect. And as long as the power stays on, we’ll be fine. We could rely on the gas log in the fireplace, if necessary, but we’d rather not.

Obozo’s latest coverup

Nevermind the way unsightly, unreliable and unprofitable “wind farms” are lowering property values and killing bats, eagles and other birds to line the pockets of Obozo’s crony capitalists while he preaches socialism for the rest of us.

His Green Energy sidekicks have long been ignoring the “wind industry’s” flaws. Now they’re playing hush-hush with rising complaints within the federal bureaucracy itself, including at the Pentagon.

Seems massed wind turbines produce false echoes on Doppler radar that interfere with tornado and storm forecasting and even the air traffic radars for commercial and military aircraft—causing flights to be unnecessarily diverted, raising fuel costs and increasing travel time.

Via WeatherBELLl Analytics LLC.

Our coming winter: colder than usual

I was thinking back on Labor Day when I cut back the Antique Roses in the Back Forty whether I should go the whole hog one-third trim, or do what I did which was just give them a haircut and plan to give them another one in January, instead of waiting to Valentine’s as is customary with this breed.

Now I wish I had gone the one-third, because January could be icy (probably not snowy, that’s hardly ever true here) according to WeatherBell meteorologist Joe Bastardi. His conclusion is terse: “Another colder, snowier than normal winter is on the way, in my opinion. I would prepare using a blend of 02-03, 09-10 as two-thirds, with 04-05, 06-07 as one-third…”

If the latter half of the statement is confusing, it refers to analogue winters which is Bastardi’s favorite method of forecasting because it frequently works. The winter of 2010, for instance, was so cold here that the green elephant ears in the front beds turned black and fell on the ground. They grew back, of course, from the roots. Go here for his not very technical, reasonably easy to understand explanation with lots of pretty graphics.

Where are all the hurricanes?

Al Bore, Obongo and their tax-the-rich (but not them and their waivered few) warmist pals have told us over and over that we can expect more and more deadly hurricanes thanks to global warming, er, climate change, uh, climate disruption, ah, carbon pollution. Yes, that’s it, carbon pollution.

So where are they? This has been the slowest start to a hurricane season on record, i.e. since 1886. Among other inhibiting factors, too much dust is blowing west out of Africa, according to meteorologist Joe D’Aleo. His WeatherBell pal, Joe Bastardi, says we should get ready: “I think this is getting ready to crank up and we should have 2-3 weeks with 5-6 storms and probably a couple of them being major.”

Or not. Obongo did promise to calm the seas, after all, and, since he’s failed at pretty much everything else, he deserves one. And Al, well, as everyone knows, Al could talk anyone or anything to sleep—including hurricanes.

UPDATE: In addition, it’s been the mildest summer across the U.S. in a hundred years. We’ve had a few hundred degree days here but not near as many as usual.

The coming ice age

Folks at The Weather Channel keep shrieking about global warming making our temps higher than at any time in human history, blah, blah, blah, and their critics keep replying that the temp trend is down, the record is being manipulated and the Earth has been cooling since 2002. Meanwhile word is trickling out of a possible coming ice age.

This 1683 painting The Great Frost by Jan Grifier shows the Thames River in London frozen over with ice three-feet thick. Nobody’s saying that’s going to happen again, but who knows. Don’t look for it in your forecast. Meteorologists are awfully poor at predicting the weather beyond three days and the honest ones admit it.

Warming lies continue in face of cooling

“…temperatures have stopped warming in all the data bases going back as far as 1997. All are showing a cooling since 2002 even as CO2 continues to rise.”

So reminds Weather Bell meterologist Joe D’Aleo, as he dissects the Weather Channel’s and NBC’s determination to continue propagandizing global warming in the face of polls showing fewer and fewer Americans believe in it. As well they shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, it’s coming clear that those climate models the “scientist” hoaxers have relied on to forecast future doom for the planet are failing to accurately predict five years into the future, never mind a century.

I still wonder if we aren’t in danger of an imminent Ice Age, re scifi author Larry Niven’s Fallen Angels, now that the Greens he imagined forcing huge reductions in CO2 (bringing on the Glaciers moving south) are actually in power. And their servant Wormtongue is flirting with our economic disaster in his zeal to reduce CO2.

But I’m probably just infected with the gloom-and-doom we’re all been hammered with for the last decade. Pols need distractions to facilitate their ongoing thefts and bribes and this end-of-the-world stuff works nicely.

UPDATE: The hoaxers and their media cronies have the proof! Proof, they tell you. That’s because they’ve manipulated the numbers, cooling the past, so they can keep claiming “this year” is the hottest ever, etc.