The worst Texas team ever

They have no offense worthy of the name. They can’t score points! The star running backs were healthy but they couldn’t do it. Neither quarterback could consistently connect with his receivers and, in any case, the offensive line didn’t give them time to pass. Only the kicker was consistent with two field goals, and, unbelievably, three tackles.

The defense kept the offense in the game but still gave up 17 points to Kansas State. Not to mention sorry coaching (kicking a field goal with 4 minutes to play instead of going for a tie was stupid) and horrible officiating (will someone please find Cooper Castleberry a guide dog). So they lose again, 17-13, which very likely heralds their last two games, as well. Two bad years in a row. Pathetic.

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  1. Then I wager that Texas A&M will take them? Hosanna.