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Adios, Mack

It’s probably just as well that Longhorns football coach Mack Brown resigned. After watching last night’s 30-7 debacle in San Antonio, it’s pretty clear the exalted Coach February has lost a lot of his shine in the recruiting department.

Texas hasn’t had a dynamic quarterback since Colt McCoy and this year they barely had an offense. Their good defense held Oregon to one touchdown and three field goals. It was the offense’s game to lose, which they did, with two free touchdown-interceptions and a lot of dropped passes.

So, yes, I agree it’s time for a change. Four years of mediocre play is enough. Brown can only go so far on his “class act” reputation and we’ve reached the end. I just hope his replacement is a proven winner instead of merely a great-potential guy. And that he has an outstanding QB in his back pocket.

Texas 37 Wyoming 17

The opening game of the season was expected to see a creampuff in Wyoming but they turned out to be better than anticipated. Nice to see the Texas offense working, thanks to the running backs, particularly Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron with more than 100 yards each.

But QB David Ash did okay (despite one fumble turnover), he threw 27 passes without an interception, which is an improvement for him. The Texas defense did give up a lot more than forecast, 17 points, so that wasn’t good. Next week sees another anticipated creampuff in New Mexico and then Ole Miss (which may not be easy at all) before league play begins.

The worst Texas team ever

They have no offense worthy of the name. They can’t score points! The star running backs were healthy but they couldn’t do it. Neither quarterback could consistently connect with his receivers and, in any case, the offensive line didn’t give them time to pass. Only the kicker was consistent with two field goals, and, unbelievably, three tackles.

The defense kept the offense in the game but still gave up 17 points to Kansas State. Not to mention sorry coaching (kicking a field goal with 4 minutes to play instead of going for a tie was stupid) and horrible officiating (will someone please find Cooper Castleberry a guide dog). So they lose again, 17-13, which very likely heralds their last two games, as well. Two bad years in a row. Pathetic.

Fozzy’s dilemma

If college football were honest (and the Penn State 10-year child-rape coverup is just one more proof that it isn’t), then injured Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker’s future wouldn’t be so questionable. As Cobb says:

“College football is big business and the kids should get their share, but they don’t. When the NCAA jumps on the case of this or that star athlete getting money, they are ridiculously hypocritical. Any first year law student could figure out a more equitable business plan that pays student athletes in trust.”

Fozzy could have a fat trust account waiting for him by now, which would make his busted knee, acquired in indentured servitude to the NCAA, less of a dilemma.

Million-dollar Texas coach Mack Brown agreed that Fozzy hasn’t gotten a fair reward from the university, but that he will heal and eventually play on Sundays, implying that his servitude is okay because some day he’ll get the big pro bucks. But he (and all the others who aren’t as good) really ought to have the money already waiting for them. They’ve earned it.

Better look out Missouri

The Texas-Texas Tech game this morning was supposed to be close. It wasn’t. Texas ran over Tech 52-20. Literally, since Texas was almost entirely about rushing. They didn’t punt once all game.

This new Texas team of many freshmen starters is getting scarier by the week. Missouri (which Baylor beat today) is next on the Longhorn hit list. Will they suffer a Tech-similar experience? Sure looks that way.

UPDATE:  Scratch that. With their three best running backs injured and their QBs under- or overthrowing their receivers, Texas had no chance to win. Only their good defense kept the score low, at 17-5.

Cowboys 26, Longhorns 3

That’s at the half, and it’s been similarly spread between Oklahoma State and Texas in years past and the Horns came back to win, comfortably or close. Course those were years when they had accurate long passing and reliable receiving.

Not much of either this year. And too many running plays called on 3rd and long. What for? So the score will probably just get worse before its over. Would be nice to see McCoy II take over at least a few series for Gilbert Grape. How much worse could the Freshman do? The Grape is, to put it kindly, erratic.

UPDATE:  Final score: Cowboys 33, Longhorns 16. Just about what the daily’s Kirk Bohls predicted. Alas no Case McCoy, either. The Grape got to lose it all by his lonesome. Nice to see the Ags beat Baylor 42-30 and TCU is still winning.

Longhorns lose again, 39-14, but the Ags win big

The daily has this priceless recitation of a priceless play against Kansas State that finally led me to turn off the K-State-Texas part of the rube tube and find something better to do.

“Pretty play, similar outcome—Garrett Gilbert threw the prettiest ball of the season when he hit James Kirkendoll in stride on a 68-yard touchdown pass. It was something the offense hadn’t shown all year.

“Kirkendoll was celebrating when he saw the yellow flag lying on the ground. Trey Hopkins was called for holding. The play was called back.”

Stumble bums. Even when they do it right they do it wrong. I’m betting on a 4-8 season and no bowl that’s televised. This is their worst season since I don’t remember when. Even likewise-unranked Southern Cal isn’t this bad.

Earlier, the highlight of the evening was watching Texas A&M throttle Oklahoma (as I expect the Ags will likewise thump hapless Texas on Thanksgiving). As the daily’s Cedric Golden says, these are fascinating times for the Big 12 as the traditional underdogs rise up and take control.