Behind Uncle Barry’s warning to the Supremes

“The president and his followers want to be able to labor on our behalf, and to make all of our important decisions.  Many of them, like their European counterparts, firmly believe this is the best way to achieve the common good.

“Others are driven by disgust with contemporary America and the American people, and see themselves acting to save the world from our own worst instincts and impulses.  Still others are elitists who despise the common people, who are so plainly unworthy of respect.

“Whatever the motivation, the ‘solution’ is to restrict the freedom of Americans in order that the superior beings who currently control the executive branch can dictate policy.”

Fortunately, it’s the job of the Supremes to approve or disapprove executive branch policy. Whatever Uncle Barry thinks about it.

Indeed, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans got a little riled.

Via PJMedia

0 responses to “Behind Uncle Barry’s warning to the Supremes

  1. After His Excellency President for Life Barak Hussein Obama’s first re-election, he’ll get to name a couple more Supremes, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Kanye West, Maxine Waters being the prime candidates, then you will see some changes. It’s all just been ‘hope’ until that happens.


  2. Dick Stanley

    Heh. Great choices. Would turn the whole thing into buffoon-city. By then we’d be spiraling down the drain, anyhow, so it wouldn’t make much difference.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about his re-election, though, if the Reps take back the Senate and keep the House. Some of their more shrill members could keep Uncle Barry roadblocked and under investigation for all four years.

  3. He promised change, after all…

  4. Dick Stanley

    What he’s provided so far is wildly unpopular. He doesn’t seem to notice, though.