The bad joke that is wind power

The sad truth is that industrial wind does not replace fossil-fueled electricity generators. It does not reduce emissions. It does not provide affordable, on-demand electricity.

“The relatively miniscule amount of electricity generated typically arrives when it’s not needed and cannot effectively be stored. Industrial wind, true to Ken Lay’s intent, is a profit center founded on favorable legislation, mandated renewable energy goals and funded by taxpayer subsidies.”

Not to mention that the West Texas windmills regularly kill eagles and many other birds, make a lot of noise for people who live near them, and shake themselves to pieces from lack of maintenance.

They haven’t replaced a single coal-fired power plant. They only work in Obamaloot’s speeches.

Via MasterResource.

0 responses to “The bad joke that is wind power

  1. Like I said – hydrogen is the only long term solution. Hydrocarbons, i.e., fossil fuels, should be reserved for important things like making polymers and pesticides.

  2. Dick Stanley

    It’s curious that we’ve not heard much about hydrogen in the past four years. The Reps talk about it when they hold the White House. The Dems prefer this wind power nonsense and (so far) inefficient solar.

  3. “hydrogen is the only long term solution”. The only problem is that to get hydrogen you have to spend more energy than burning the said hydrogen will give you. And this energy must come from somewhere (coal, oil, etc).

  4. Dick Stanley

    And we have plenty of coal and oil, if we could just get rid of the EPA which is trying to quash its use. The EPA, oddly enough, was created by Nixon, a supposed conservative Republican.

  5. Dick Stanley

    Oh, yes, certainly. No EPA=one giant strip mine. Impeccable logic. Thank g-d for the government. Who else would save us? Certainly not ourselves.

    And they even carry guns now, something I’m sure Nixon never envisioned.

    Strange, though, how you work a slam against Christianity in there. Oh, now I remember. In the leftie and Democrat (but I repeat myself) world conservative=crazy Christian. How tiresome. Why don’t you give it a break and slam Islam for a change? Or would that be too dangerous?

    Never watched Dallas. Not a single episode. I rarely watch TV.