Michael Yon on cannibals: An extreme Hindi cult

New as these reports of cannibal attacks seem to many of us, coming as they are from places like Miami Beach and Montreal, war correspondent Michael Yon is an old hand at this subject, having researched it in India, Nepal, Thailand, Italy, Germany, France, Hawaii and (where else) California, particularly its India origins.

It is, he says, an extreme cult of Hinduism. Shiva-the-destroyer and all that. And it’s attracted more than a few American converts, including one Gary Stevenson from, ahem, Texas. Hence their appearance on our side of the world. Pagans all. The sort of barbarity you’d expect from a world heavily invested in denying G-d.

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  1. Hm… craving for the home cooking, I wonder?

  2. Dick Stanley

    In this instance, I prefer carryout.