Obama’s 2007 speech

I’m not really inclined to get riled over something Obozo said five years ago, anymore than I get upset when the Democrat media dredges up some tidbit of years past trying to make a Republican candidate look bad: Gov. Perry’s rock episode, for instance, or Gov. Romney’s alleged belligerence to some girl in (wait for it) high school.

But I have to admit it’s very amusing watching Obumbles’ court media (which is most of it, from the alphabet teevee outlets to the big-city dailies) fall all over themselves trying to justify their having swept the 2007 speech lionizing Rev. Wright under the campaign rug. Now that it’s emerged despite their best efforts, they’re trying to sweep it under the White House rug, you might say.

Of course they’re his puppets, who could miss it? But it’s really a pleasure watching them prove it. Instapundit has a nice summary in case you care. Me, I wasn’t going to vote for Barack Hussein Obama, anyhow. Not because he’s a closet-racist, but because he’s a thief, and a liar and an accessory to murder. Things he’s spent the past four years doing. His, uh, presidential record, as it were. I don’t want to see him embarrassed. I want him impeached.

UPDATE:  Roger L. Simon, a onetime civil rights marcher, nails it:

“Indeed, our president is the reverse of what he appears to be, pretending to bring the races together when he profits by driving them apart. In that sense, he is similar to Yasser Arafat, talking one way to the West and another to his Palestinian brothers.”

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  1. Ach, the famous forked tongue ability. But most successful pols must have it, I suspect.

    • Dick Stanley

      Of course they do, but this duplicity, on the very reason so many race-guilty whites voted for him in ’08, should go a long way in killing his re-election, simply because it rubs their noses in it. Or rather he does. I like Simon’s take calling him an American Yasser Arafat.