The stupid party is still stupid

Incredibly, Mittens is losing the tax debate.The first of many of Obozo’s tax increases will begin in January, but somehow Mittens has yet to mention it.

“So far this year’s tax debate features one candidate with no credible plan running against a fake plan that his allies made up and another candidate with an admirable plan that for some reason he doesn’t want to talk about. Mr. Obama is winning by default, but that doesn’t mean Mr. Romney can’t execute one of those turnarounds he’s famous for, if he tries.”

If he tries. Sarah, please, give Mittens one your balls so he’ll have two.

UPDATE:  Post-debate: She obviously did and the stupid party was redeemed. Romney chewed through adolescent Barry like a chainsaw. It was Godzilla versus Bambi. Stomp.

0 responses to “The stupid party is still stupid

  1. Obviously Sarah listened to your advice, at least from what the media says about that debate.

    • Dick Stanley

      The miniscule conservative news media is ecstatic, so I think we can assume the larger Dem version is accurate this time. I never watch those things. They are not debates in any sense of the word. The candidates make speeches and the Democrat moderator pretends to be objective. Total hypocrisy and a complete waste of time.