Cut off their electricity

When Hamas violates the cease fire, which is to say when it is finished reloading its rocket launchers and replenishing its rocket stockpile, Israel will have a choice: either start bombing again or launch a ground invasion to take over the strip until Hamas is destroyed—with attendant high IDF casualties.

A simpler way would be to renew the bombing, yes, to solve the immediate problem, but also to cut off Gaza’s electricity which Israel (rather incredibly) supplies their enemies. Leave the water (which, likewise incredibly, Israel also supplies) running, so the not-so-innocent populace doesn’t start dying off within a week or two.

Spengler reminds that another option is what is known in the military as counter-battery fire. The IDF used it recently against the Syrians who were lobbing missiles on the Golan. It would be simple enough to use it on Gaza, simply (and immediately) launching a missile or an artillery shell at the site of the latest rocket launch. Preferably with a pre-announced policy. Civilians would be killed, of course.

Which is why I’d prefer cutting the electricity. It will slow the Hamas terror machine by making command-and-control very difficult, and it will have the added benefit of driving the populace into the Sinai, once their supply of batteries runs out. Who can get along without electricity today? Hardly anyone. Of course the international “community” will howl. But, really, it’s past time for Israel to fight to win instead of always looking over its shoulder while fighting to lose.

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  1. Cutting the electricity is a measure that is frequently raised here. There are several problems. First is that part of the power is generated locally, and if the Gazan power plant is left alive, the power will still get to the places that count for Hamas – meaning their control centers, communication lines etc. Hospitals and such will be left without power as a good propaganda tool (Hamas doesn’t mind a few patients dying for the good cause of publicity).

    So in effect cutting the power off will punish all the wrong people. That is, assuming there are many “right people” left in Gaza.

  2. Indeed, I doubt there are many left who don’t support Hamas. I suppose Israel could cut the power it controls and bomb the power stations it doesn’t.