King Pinocchio

All presidents lie. All politicians lie, for that matter. But Barry has an unusual penchant for mendacity, saying one thing one year and the opposite a year or two later. Sometimes reversing himself within weeks or months, without ever mentioning the previous assertion or any justification for changing his tune. In addition to routinely poisoning the public well with distortions and and deception.

The American Rifleman, the monthly magazine of America’s oldest civil rights group, the National Rifle Association, this month calls our imperial president King Pinocchio (for some reason, the article is not on the magazine’s web site) for his “blizzard of lies” about firearms:

“Weapons of war have no place on our streets.” (Firearms used in war are fully automatic and there are no fully automatic rifles or submachineguns or full machinguns normally used in American street crime and he probably knows it. Or is he just stupid? I wouldn’t rule that out. The only people who’ve ever said he was smart were his acolytes, especially in the snooze media.)

“As many as 40 percent of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check.” (No legal purchases are so conducted. Only the illegal ones, which couldn’t possibly be 40 percent of the total without a great many more firearms crimes than there are. And no law is going to stop the illegal purchases because, by definition, criminals do not obey laws. Duh.)

“I am not going to take your guns away.” He said that in 2008 when he was running for the presidency. Today he wants to ban semi-automatic rifles and handguns (the so-called “assualt weapons” which only look like war weapons but are not fully automatic). The vast majority of rifles and handguns in America today are semi-automatic.

Having seen King Pinocchio blatantly lie about firearms and get away with it time after time—thanks to his stooges in the snooze media that pretends to report the news—other members of his Democrat party are following his no-retribution lead.

Some like Newark (NJ) mayor Cory Booker have the decency to correct themselves when told they have gone too far. Booker said the other day that thousands of Americans are killed by gun violence every day. Later he corrected himself to the real figure: 30. Out of a population of more than 200 million.

Thanks a lot King Pinocchio. In the words I saw on the cover of Vogue magazine the other day at H.E.B., the Obamas certainly have “inspired” us. Inspired us to lie and deceive.

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