Benghazi coverup

The White House (and snooze media) cover up continues, but now 700 retired special operators (including two Medal of Honor recipients and five   retired lieutenant generals) are urging the Republican House to investigate.

Makes sense to me. I’m only surprised the Stupid Party hasn’t started doing this already. If the sheer size of this group of 700 doesn’t impress them enough to get moving, nothing will.

UPDATE:  This additional campaign for the truth will help:

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  1. The Democrats stared down the Swift Boat group too, and now the media defines ‘swift boating’ as a propaganda campaign. It’s their best way to try to dismiss them. They’ll try the same tactic here too, because it has worked.

  2. Dick Stanley

    It worked to an extent, but Kerry was defeated so the campaign was successful. Remains to be seen if the Reps can unite long enough to lay open Benghazi and whether they’d then have the guts to vote for impeachment.

    Meanwhile, a new campaign is just beginning:

  3. More power to ’em. One question that I want answered is why the Marine rescue force out of Rota were told to stop so that they could change into civilian clothes. That resulted in a delay of 1.5 hours. The two Seals were killed in the final hour.

    This story should be hammered.

  4. Sorry, I am as usual a pessimist. Hard to believe the pressure will pay off in this case. Too many VIPs are involved in stonewalling on this one.

  5. Dick Stanley

    Pessimism certainly is winning so far. Perhaps we can hope that, at the very least, Mrs. Clinton will be so tainted by it that we can avoid her ever becoming president. Barry’s lies and stonewalling are his usual behavior. But her “what difference does it make” remark to the Senate was just extraordinary. And, so far, they’ve let her get away with it.