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What difference does it make?

There’s your run-of-the-mill lyin’, stealin’ and backstabbin’ politician and then there’s Shillary, or Lady Macbeth, who knows that she and her husband the Groper have such (undue) power and influence that she can tell an inquiring congress critter “What difference does it make?” and he and his cronies won’t even dare to follow up the question.

It’s a pity that the first black president turned out to be a dishonest clown no one with any sense will ever trust again. The first woman president is likely to be a lot worse.

Lady Macbeth and her blood-soaked hands

Yeah the IRS thing is scary. But as Reason TV reports, the IRS has been used for political retribution by at least four other presidents, starting with Franklin Roosevelt. The rest were Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Three Democrats and one Republican.

If we had an honest federal government (you wish) we would not have an IRS in the first place nor a complicated annual income tax form with so many strokes and sticks. We’d have a flat tax for everyone. But that would eliminate a lot of jobs for the Democrats to fill and a favorite weapon against their political enemies as well as innumerable opportunities to shake down the lobby for more bribes.

Benghazi is far more important than the IRS scandal and not only because four Americans died. It demonstrates better than anything else how inept and venal the leader of the Choom Gang and his probable successor the Hildabeast are when it comes to foreign policy and genuine national security.

An American ambassador seems to have been used as an errand boy, to clean up Hellary’s mess: trying to buy back shoulder-fired Stinger anti-aircraft missiles she ordered given to Islamists fighting to overthrow Gaddafi after she realized (duh) they could be turned on civilian airliners.

Denying readily-available forces to protect the ambassador when he came under attack (and lying about it repeatedly afterwards) seems to have been done to avoid uncovering the missile operation. In other words, the ambassador (and two Navy SEALS) had to die to save Obozo’s dwindling credibility and Shillary’s political future.

Having political enemies audited is one thing. Turning your back on Americans under attack is Vietnam all over again. Or, more recently, Barry’s betrayal of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All we can do is hope that the otherwise-feckless Republicans don’t drop the ball on the Benghazi cover up. Or we’re very likely to get Lady Macbeth and her blood-soaked hands as the next occupant of the White House and much worse to come than selling guns to Mexican drug lords, harassment of the Tea Party and spying on the snooze media.

UPDATE: It’s been conventional wisdom for a long time that Nixon used the IRS on his enemies, but his biographers say he only tried to use the IRS. Being a hiring hall for the Democrat Party, the IRS refused to cooperate with a Republican president. Its retribution is for sale, certainly, but only for Democrats.

Benghazi probe hotting up?

Could the Stupid Party be actually, truly, you know, “investigating” the Benghazi murders?

There’s a new warning from House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to the legal offices of CIA, Defense and State to start helping their tattling employees lawyer up for anticipated Democrat revenge in public hearings to come. Remains to be seen whether it’s more than hot air.

Via Instapundit.

Benghazi coverup

The White House (and snooze media) cover up continues, but now 700 retired special operators (including two Medal of Honor recipients and five   retired lieutenant generals) are urging the Republican House to investigate.

Makes sense to me. I’m only surprised the Stupid Party hasn’t started doing this already. If the sheer size of this group of 700 doesn’t impress them enough to get moving, nothing will.

UPDATE:  This additional campaign for the truth will help: