Ye olde Scribbler returns from the dead

Yahoo! has relinquished its hammerlock on the Ye Olde Texas Scribbler and brought it back from the dead. They have emailed me to bring my contact and billing info up to date—ten days after TS went MIA.

No explanation. Just you requested and we complied. Ten days late.

In the spirit of the hour, a mea culpa is in order: Going through old email this morning I discovered that I did receive a warning from them that if I didn’t sign off on their new terms of service by July 31, my account would be suspended until I did so by Sept. 30. After that the account would be canceled.

So I’m a dumb bunny, at the least. On the other hand…

Why would Yahoo! not notify me after Sept 30 that I had a day or so (or less) to get my site off their server? Why wait until late November to take the whole down and then confiscate it?

And after a tech in India talked me through signing the terms of service on Nov. 28, why confiscate my domain registration two days later? Does HQ not keep up with their techs? I guess not.

Yahoo! stopped charging me for hosting the blog in July. I didn’t notice, which is one of the problems of automatic payment. You forget about it. So technically, Yahoo! was in the right. But I still say they should have told me to get my $#@& property off their server, instead of just stealing it.

Now that the thieves have relinquished my site, to the extent of allowing me access to it, I have a decision to make: whether and when to bring it to this address. My IT guy is indisposed at the moment. When he’s available, we’ll talk it over and I’ll be sure to post here about whatever we decide.

For now, this is Ye Real Scribbler.

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