Big snow in J-lem

Watched the snow pelting down in Jerusalem last night on the Kotel Cam, so wasn’t surprised today to read in the Jerusalem Post that the holy city is getting smothered in up to 20 inches, its biggest snow storm in fifty years.

Even the usually-reliable Kotel Cam is down today, presumably a wiring problem a technician can’t get there to fix. Or the power is out. My Israeli blog pal Mr. Goon says the snow hasn’t made it to his town, which isn’t that far away as the Hoopoe flies. It has been cold enough (41 degrees, he said) and rainy for his wife to insist that he fire up the oil heater.

Our arctic snap in Austin is easing, with daytime temps in the 50s and a promised gradual “warming” into the low 60s by late next week when forecasters are betting that another arctic blast is likely, this time even colder. So no joy.

2 responses to “Big snow in J-lem

  1. Sunny for two days in a row already, very cold (for us, I mean) at night. Jerusalem is opening up, very slowly. Public transportation – buses mainly – allowed in and out, but the snow is still there.

  2. Supposedly (I say cautiously) we are to be back in the 70s by daytime Friday. I’ll believe it when it happens.