Don’t pack, Mack, OK?

Who cares what the daily’s sports columnist Kirk Bohls (good as he is) thinks you should do? He never liked you, anyhow, dubbing you “the clapper” for your usual sideline way of cheering. And the fans? Shoot, they’re never happy for long.

You’ve built the Longhorns from a pretty-good regional player into an internationally-recognizable franchise. So what if you’ve had a few ho-hum seasons lately? Considering all the injuries this year, and Case’s naturally-erratic quarterbacking, what else could you do but hang on to the whirly-gig? You couldn’t play the game for them. Getting to 8-4 was pretty good under the circumstances.

Yes, we’re all sorry you didn’t recruit Johnny Football (who wanted to be a Longhorn) or Jameis (where do black mothers come up with these stupid names?) Winston (who also wanted to wear Burnt Orange), but how could you know they’d be great and you’d be stuck with a concussion case? Or that Swoopes’s passing ability would choke in the college game?

Most of the teams you did recruit finished in the top 15 rankings of the Associated Press college poll for 10 consecutive years until 2009. You can get back there again.

The funniest thing I read all week in the daily’s plethora of will-he-won’t-he (with the clear implication that they want you to) resign stories was columnist Cedric Golden’s remark that colleges across the country are watching this coaching drama at one of the world’s richest universities. And? They’re raising their coach’s salaries and extending their contracts as fast as they can. Cause UT could buy ’em all. At the same time. In large part, thanks to you, Mack.

So don’t pack. I, for one, want you to stick around and keep plugging away. Keep clapping. You’ll get to the title game again, for the third time, and, maybe, win it again. Like the first time. OK?

UPDATE: Mack resigned on Saturday. What a shame. Good luck, Mack!

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