Illusion versus physics

A tragedy in Tennessee Monday reminds me how close I came to being crippled or killed back in 2006 when I took on gravity and my 3,000 pound Jeep. Guess who won.

I  interposed myself between the Jeep and a Suburban it was slowly rolling towards to save myself (and my insurance record) some extra expense. I was pushing really hard on the Jeep but it wasn’t stopping. Either I thought I was Superman or I was conditioned by the ordinary illusion of effortlessly handling a heavy machine in everyday use. Physics wasn’t impressed.

Instead of being crippled with a crushed leg, I was saved by a passerby who opened the driver’s door, reached in and set the parking brake. I was doubly fortunate in having forgotten to lock the door. That part of my stupidity worked out really well.

I only hobbled around for a few weeks. I still wonder what I was thinking to even try it, and I thank G-d for my good fortune. This poor woman died in her vain attempt to stop her rolling Toyota.

Via Instapundit.

5 responses to “Illusion versus physics

  1. Yeah, I’ve tried that, as a young man, when I lived where there were hills. But not getting between the vehicle and a hard place. I discovered that you can’t do that sort of thing in other, slightly safer, ways.

  2. Yeah, getting behind it was dumb. I should have gotten into it and pulled the hand brake myself. But I thought I had locked the doors. Good thing I hadn’t. Actually, I didn’t think. I just acted. The wrong way.

  3. Trying to beat the physical laws of the universe, actin like a democrat!

  4. Some kind of bare-ass fool, anyhow.

  5. Brr… don’t even remind me… at least I know now I am not the only one 😉