He was supposed to be the refreshing change from Shrub but now he’s a laughingstock. He makes even Carter look wise. Not to mention honest.

5 responses to “Laughingstock

  1. Careful. If you point out that Obama is a disaster as a president, you must be a racist. BLM snipers will show up any minute.

  2. I’m sure they’re way too busy to bother with me. The man has a legion of detractors with more members every day.

  3. 2002,3,4,5,6,7……Progs: “The Republicans are war mongers trying to scare people with fairy tales and make believe wolves, we’re the Reality Based adults and we will bring back sanity with ‘smart and nuanced diplomacy’!” Now I just don’t read about the wolves, I can hear them.

  4. That a good one definitely. Cool.

  5. P.S. Take care. You know, a good sniper is never too busy. Why infantry hates them…