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Ramadan: Month of Jihad

“I can think of no better way to mark my Administration’s last celebration of Ramadan as President than to honor the contributions of Muslims in America and across the world…” thus spaketh President Wormtongue.

Added Robert Spencer: “That Muslims have made great contributions to America (beyond spurring tremendous developments in airline security, that is) is simply an unquestionable dogma of our silly and stupid age;

“no one needs ask the President for examples, because those contributions are taken as axiomatic, with only ‘Islamophobes’ questioning them. That there aren’t any actual such contributions is an inconvenient fact, to be sure, but one so thoroughly obscured by propaganda that everyone feels it can be safely ignored.”

Via Frontpage Mag

UPDATE:  Tel Aviv got the latest Muslim “contribution,”the first Ramadan attack: 4 dead, 11 seriously wounded. The Arabs and Muslims who call themselves Palestinians celebrated.

MORE: Orlando, Florida gay dance club shot up by mass murderer. ISIS taking credit. The second Ramadan attack:  20 dead, 42 wounded. Now that’s a religious holiday. Make that “at least” 50 dead and 53 wounded, according to Fox. And shooter of Afghan origin. Now, now, let’s not be Islamophobic, y’all.

Wormtongue’s favorite terrorists

No, it’s not ISIS, despite his dithering on a “strategy” to take the head choppers on. When unloading a few tons of napalm on their formations would suffice. Except we might hit one of his (and their) allies, the Free Syrian Army.

Nope, it’s one of those sheikdoms, the kind the Worm likes to bow to. In the case of the Emirate of Qatar, however, he also has passed along to these enablers of Hamas, etc., an $11 billion arms deal.

Who knows where those arms will end up? Like the ones we already give the FSA and, through them, the ISIS head choppers, nowhere good, that’s for sure.

Via The Tower and PJMedia.

Our shameful president, the fundraiser-in-chief

It’s disgusting, watching Wormtongue toss off a few platitudes in Israel’s direction, then go off to fundraise for his retirement. (He says it’s for the Democrat party, but he’s a notorious liar.) Then he threatens Israel’s economy by canceling airline flights.

The Israelis, now hosting Lurch, Wormtongue’s idiot secretary of state and his cease-fire blather, are more than irritated. Especially with so many young soldiers fighting and dying for their country.

“It’s a sad day, too, when the best that the administration can manage is to tell us we have ‘the right to self-defense,’ rather than leading a global diplomatic offensive that champions Israel’s obligation to protect itself, and that musters any and every means to help its sole dependable Middle Eastern ally in that mission.”

I can’t imagine Barack Hussein doing anything like that for any country but a Muslim one. He lies to everyone else, including us. That’s part of the reason many of us (at least the 67 percent by one poll who support Israel) are deeply ashamed of him. Our first black president is a disaster.

UPDATE:  “…the U.S. has proved itself a faithless ally – or, at best, a worthless one, easily spooked and unprepared to back Israel up in enforcing the rule of law against lawless terrorism.”



He was supposed to be the refreshing change from Shrub but now he’s a laughingstock. He makes even Carter look wise. Not to mention honest.

Code of silence

I wasn’t impressed with Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s interview of the president. O’Reilly wasn’t very well prepared to duel with a pathological liar who was bound not to tell the truth. He never has before.

Indeed, Wormtongue smiled and smiled as he claimed there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” at his IRS, and O’Reilly’s best response was to toss out a few flustered non sequiturs.

He should, of course, have then asked why Worm’s former IRS director of tax-exempt organizations, Lois Lerner, invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to testify before a House committee last spring? We all know what we should have said or done, but, unlike O’Reilly, we’re not paid to query criminal politicians.

Via Instapundit.

Why are hard facts always cold?

Ditherton Wiggleroom (as Vodkapundit calls Wormtongue) in his SOTU:

“The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by…”

Recovery? In his dreams. Obamacare has taken care of the recovery by effectively putting a cap on middle class income.

But why, I ask, must the hard facts always be cold? For that matter why must the facts be hard? (Other than that the “genuis” public speaker DW always speaks in cliches and platitudes?) A lot of his “facts” are pretty squishy. Like this one:

“Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar…”

And this beaut: “…the debate is settled.  Climate change is a fact.”

Just once I’d like to hear Wiggleroom speak of the hot, soft facts. It would certainly be more original. And the soft part more honest.

Naw. Never happen.

Wormtongue investigates himself

Yeah, we can all have confidence in this: A Democrat donor ($7,600) is leading the questioning of witnesses in the feds’ so-called “investigation” into the IRS’s harassment of conservative political groups.

A fact only lately rooted out by Congress, certainly never announced.

History has shown that all politicians, including presidents, are dishonest to a degree, but Wormtongue is in a class unto himself.

In part, because the dominant Democrat news media (but I repeat myself) looks the other way—or is busy eviscerating Republicans like Christie. And in part, I think, because the Worm knows that black men can get away with just about anything in America’s race-conscious, race-sensitive culture—enforced as it is by the same news media.

Although, now and then, retribution may finally catch up with them, as O.J. Simpson found out.