The stolen flag

I was surprised the other day to discover that someone had filched the American flag and its short pole from the mount extending from the wooden pillar between the two metal garage doors. The next door neighbor’s flag also was taken.

We couldn’t imagine it was anyone’s idea of a political statement, since our upper-middle neighborhood mainly votes Republican. No, I figured it was a typical teenage prank. And, indeed, that was confirmed by the owner of the neighborhood hardware store. He said he’d heard about a dozen such complaints in recent weeks. It’s part of the end of the school year, he said. Happens every year.

He added that he’d like to be able to claim that he never did anything like that but he can’t, if he’s honest about it. Me neither, though I don’t remember actually stealing anything. Just harassing homeowners. Raining dried dirt clods on their roofs, for instance.

Anyhow I bought another pole and flag, this time a Lone Star and will put it up sometime this week. And if it’s stolen, too, I’ll give up on the flags. I only started with the American one way back on the day after 9/11. Had never worn my patriotism on my sleeve before. It seemed appropriate then. Bit out of date now, anyhow, with the lefty Democrats and their RINO allies preferring appeasement to war.

UPDATE: Two weeks after the Lone Star went up, nobody’s swiped it yet.

2 responses to “The stolen flag

  1. Yeah, I debated with myself over putting a flag up – decided I was not gonna to do it for several reasons. The idea of somebody ripping it off never occurred to me.