Paying terrorism’s bills

That’s us, the last-to-know, first-to-go American taxpayer, who is taken for a ride by every pol with an agenda. And Obamalot’s agenda is “the peace process” which isn’t a process and after decades of diddling hasn’t produced any peace.

So now it’s going to foot the bills for the terrorist group Hamas.

“…American taxpayers…will now be directly covering the salaries of thousands of card-carrying members of a terrorist organization. It’s not just Obama who will be crossing a red line by funding Hamas—he’s dragging the rest of us along with him into a political and moral swamp, in which America will combat terrorism with one hand, while paying for terror with the other.”

Which leaves only Congress to stop this appeasement madness. The fox guarding the hen house. Oh, yeah, that’ll work.

One response to “Paying terrorism’s bills

  1. I am just reading a book by Daniel Silva, from his Allon series, where the covert funding of terrorism by Saudis is discussed. In this case, though, the funding is overt and does much the same.