Israel’s most dangerous enemy, indeed

That would be the community organizer-in-chief. Friend to terrorists and anti-Semites worldwide. Master of the idiot Lurch, slanderer of a generation of Vietnam veterans as “baby killers.”

They are now bent on saving Hamas, having recently awarded the terrorists of Gaza a check for at least $47 million—just what Hamas needed. And now they are demanding that Israel immediately and unconditionally cease fire—-backed up by the louts of the Dictator’s Club, aka the United Nations. We can assume they are threatening Bibi with a restriction, if not an outright cancellation, of the usual resupply of expended American arms.

Which, when it gets out, as it surely will, should cost the Democrats the Senate. In the meantime, since together Wormtongue and Lurch have infuriated the Egyptians, whose military hardware also is American, Israel might even even get its resupply from Cairo.

The duplicitous Obama/Wormtongue has a talent for turning things upside down. As commenter MenachemBenYakov says: “Never has a man of lower moral character sat in the Oval Office.”

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UPDATE:  So far, Bibi, no doubt bolstered by 87 percent approval of Israeli citizens, is fighting back.

MORE: Leftist flagship Haaretz columnist, Ari Shavit: “The Obama Administration proved once again that it is the best friend of its enemies, and the biggest enemy of its friends.”

3 responses to “Israel’s most dangerous enemy, indeed

  1. sennacherib

    Latest White House statements show the mask and gloves are off.

    • I wonder if he’s hurting himself with his own party, which has traditionally been supportive of Israel, or does he know something we don’t, that his party, taken over by the Progressives who nominated and elected him, actually is much less supportive of Israel now than in the past?

  2. sennacherib

    He doesn’t care about the Democratic party unless it’s advancing his (the radical prog) agenda. The Dems originally saw this guy as a Caesar who was to take them across the political Rubicon of their dreams and so gave the party to him and his allies. Now some, but not all or many, are waking up to the place he and his crowd are taking them. They see now that all is expendable, including them for the radical dream these guys are going for. Events though are having an unexpected say in all of this. Obama on inauguration believed that he could focus on domestic politics exclusively, by bringing the troops home, reducing the military to show “how nice we are” and save money for socialist policies here. Well the world reacted a little differently than expected and now he’s being hemmed in by events. Note the increasingly thin skinned reactions to Israel and Putin. They’ve gone from big time over confidence to paranoia popping out all over the place. From Caesar marching on a panicky Rome to a Nero on the run from enemies real and imagined.