Wormtongue’s favorite terrorists

No, it’s not ISIS, despite his dithering on a “strategy” to take the head choppers on. When unloading a few tons of napalm on their formations would suffice. Except we might hit one of his (and their) allies, the Free Syrian Army.

Nope, it’s one of those sheikdoms, the kind the Worm likes to bow to. In the case of the Emirate of Qatar, however, he also has passed along to these enablers of Hamas, etc., an $11 billion arms deal.

Who knows where those arms will end up? Like the ones we already give the FSA and, through them, the ISIS head choppers, nowhere good, that’s for sure.

Via The Tower and PJMedia.

One response to “Wormtongue’s favorite terrorists

  1. Napalm, Sennacherib approves of “crispy critters”!