Apple Watch

The new “giant” iPhone6 (5.5-inch diagonal screen) is cool, but it’s the watch I’d consider. Looks much prettier than anything Dick Tracey would have been caught dead with, but if it does the same (or similar) job, who could complain?

Apple’s smartwatch is pretty cool and runs differently than its competitors. The digital crown control (a dial like you’d find on a traditional watch) is smart, and maneuvers such as navigating to apps on the watch and changing the color of watch face a snap. Apple Watch has a touchscreen, but you don’t need it for a lot of things.”

I saw another brand on the AC repairman the other day at the rancho. He said it helped him stay in touch with the office without continually having to retrieve the smart phone from his pocket.

I leave my phone in the car anyhow so the watch might not be that useful to me. No office to report to for us recovering journalists. Now if Mr. B. (who said he’d never heard of Dick Tracey) wants one for his birthday round about Valentine’s (despite the fact it would be harder to text with it), we’ll know for sure.

Via Instapundit.

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