Qatar, now Turkey, backing terrorism

It should have been obvious when Lurch quixotically tried to halt Israel’s retaliation against the premeditated Hamas murders of three Israeli teenagers and subsequent rocket barrages by trying to enlist Qatar and Turkey in the effort.

But just in case anyone missed the point (Barry, we’re talking about your $11 billions arms deal with Qatar) Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has underscored it for them.

“Ya’alon, speaking at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, expressed outrage that the international community would allow nations to back terrorism while remaining full members of respected international organizations such as the UN and, in Turkey’s case, NATO….‘The command center of Hamas’s overseas operations sits in Istanbul,’ Ya’alon said.”

I’d only quibble that the UN, aka the Dictator’s Club, is hardly respectable to any but the uninformed.

Via Times of Israel.

UPDATE:  Turkey makes it official, in case anyone had any doubts about whose side they were on. Via Mouth of The Brazos.

3 responses to “Qatar, now Turkey, backing terrorism

  1. On Turkey – I keep seeing the map of the ISIS controlled areas in Iraq and Syria. They never mention the other border, the longest one, which is the ISIS border with Turkey. Thus the question, why would ISIS stop at the Turkish border? Do they? Are the Turks in cahoots (I like that word) with ISIS? Is ISIS afraid of the Turkish military?

    Lots of questions, and no good answers.

  2. Turkey is Isis’s major land supply portal. A lot of Isis’s actions lately have been to secure that access to Turkey. That border needs to be shut completely down. That would hurt ISIS, ISIL, whatever the Admin is calling them today, a lot.

  3. Wherever the Muslim fundies are in charge, and Turkey is one such place, outfits like Hamas and ISIS seem to get the grease.