My touchdown celebration favorite

Malcolm Brown, star running back for the Texas Longhorns and by all accounts a really nice guy, gets my vote for the most ingenious way of celebrating touchdowns. In particular one that doesn’t risk drawing a celebration or taunting penalty of lost yardage for his team.

Some touchdown makers leap and spin. Some throw a punch to the ground or to the air. Some salute the crowd or point to heaven as if to thank the lord. Some make a mock pulling open of their shirt as if to reveal their Superman costume underneath.

Malcolm’s is simpler and far more elegant: he uses his fingers to deftly brush imaginary lint or grass off his chest, as if to show that it really wasn’t all that hard. It’s always worth a smile.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, he didn’t get one against K-State. None of them did, in their first skunking in a decade. Call it the mini-massacre in the Little Apple, 23-0. Uncomfortably reminiscent of A&M’s 79-0 beatdown by Alabama. Yipes!

2 responses to “My touchdown celebration favorite

  1. Like Earl Campbell.

  2. Really? Did Campbell do that?