Palestinian terrorists kill four rabbis, one cop

Times of Israel editor David Horovitz reiterates: It’s not going to work.

“For this is the homeland of the Jewish nation, the only place we have ever been sovereign or sought sovereignty. And what needs writing and saying, most especially on a terrible day like today, is that we will not be driven from it.”

The two terrorists, who used knives, axes meat cleavers, and a pistol, were killed by Israeli police at the scene, a synagogue in Jerusalem. Hamas supporters in Gaza danced in the streets and handed out candy to celebrate the bloodshed. Bibi promised retribution.

Austin’s Congregation Agudas Achim held a prayer service at 6 p.m. to mourn the innocent, show solidarity with Israelis and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Via Simply Jews.

UPDATE:  Despicable CNN headlined the deaths of the two Palestinians. Then called the synagogue a mosque. Hours later they apologized.

2 responses to “Palestinian terrorists kill four rabbis, one cop

  1. Check out my latest collection of media responses. Although I think I will not repeat this task ever. Too sad.

  2. And a worthy post it is, too. As I commented there, it’s obvious now that CNN is out to sow disinformation, Soviet style, in support of Arab terrorists. It’s fortunate the TV audiences have rated them dead last for many years.