Rule 5: Girl with Gun


Unidentified high school senior in Broken Bow, Nebraska poses with her hunting rifle and buck antlers for her yearbook picture, a smart new policy in the rural school district which is upsetting the Progs. Ah, fly-over country. I love it!

Wish she’d come down here and shoot a few of the deer we have roaming all over our neighborhood thanks to a recalcitrant city council with a Bambi-complex.

UPDATE:  What’s easy in Nebraska ain’t so much in New York, even in the rural upstate region the anti-gun loonies prevail. It takes arguing with a school board.

6 responses to “Rule 5: Girl with Gun

  1. No worries, Dick. People driving at night will thin that herd out. Just like the deer herd at Bar X, a development west of Hwy 521 near Bailey’s Prairie. Piles of guts and hide every day, somewhere on that road, and Hwy 35, bordering Bar X on the north.

    They don’t allow any shooting in that subdivision – the deer are like fire ants there.

  2. The Bambi Complex affects mostly urban types. Anyone who has seen how destructive deer can be to any sort of crop know that they’re nothing more than overgrown varmints.

  3. No amount of night-driving has thinned our herd in the eight years we’ve lived in Northwest Hills. I have yet to see two dead ones in the road. Maybe because none of us want to pay for repairs and/or higher insurance rates. If this was the old days of the 1950s, all the kids playing outside would have produced some confrontations with the sharp-antlered bucks by now, spurring the dimwit pols to action. But most kids stay inside and play video games. Few of them even ride bikes anymore.

  4. Call me a sexist no good so and so, but a rifle with a scope? Antlers? Nah, it comes from a BF. And a BF good enough to let his GF handle his rifle. Unless, of course, its’ all Daddy’s stuff.

  5. Sorry, dude, but dudettes in Texas (and I have to presume Nebraska) do hunt with rifles. Might be Dad’s, might be her’s, might even be the boyfriend’s, though I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was her’s.