Still More Random Thoughts

Well, of course the climate warriors have a following. As long as it’s just rhetoric and someone else’s burden. Until they realize they’ll have to make do without a refrigerator, the biggest electricity draw in any abode, owned or rented, or else spend all their money on the electric bill to keep it running.

Ponzi schemes work great as long as everyone keeps paying. Gen-Y, or whatever they’re called this month, better get off their self-important behinds and get to work. I don’t want my checks to be late.

Just once, just once, I’d like to see a lengthy report in a leftist journal on the dark power of sororities.

We need fewer crooked lifetime experts and more enthusiastic honest amateurs. Can’t be that hard if Cuomo and Christy can do it. Not to mention Wormtongue.

Politics and crime are the media’s two favorite subjects because, basically, the information is free. At least from the pols who push, push, push it all the time. The cops are getting less cooperative these days. And more trigger happy.

The hyperregulatory state (shown by the 3, 415 new federal regulations issued before Thanksgiving) is excellent for the bureaucrats who do the regulating. So many opportunities for personal enrichment. Better known as graft.

4 responses to “Still More Random Thoughts

  1. “Better known as graft.” ………..BINGO!

  2. The really sad thing is that once a regulation is there, it never, ever goes away permanently. The bureaucrats control the world, the politicians are just figureheads.

  3. The only good part is there are way too many regulations and far too few bureaucrats to enforce them all. Of course the Democrats are busy, hiring more bureaucrats and raising more taxes to pay them every chance they get. For example:

  4. Re the first item – just read an interesting article. A bit lengthy, but still fascinating: