Jesse Jackson and the Internet

Chicago’s famous race pimp and Wormtongue crony is lobbying the FCC for his preferred form of Net Neutrality, which ought to be a tip-off that still more obnoxious Democrat regulation of all our lives is just around the corner.

But stay calm. It was always a matter of time before the pols got their grimy paws on the Internet to create opportunities for themselves. Graft for them and their sock puppets like Jackson. That time seems to have almost arrived.


3 responses to “Jesse Jackson and the Internet

  1. Now I shall bite my fingernail trying to guess what the heck JJ has to do with the Internet (that piece is behind a paywall).

  2. Sorry, I keep forgetting the paywall. The article, which is about the feds using NN to regulate the Net just mentions what I posted: JJ’s lobbying the FCC. It doesn’t go into detail other than this: That JJ lobbied “against President Obama’s own endorsement of heavy-handed utility regulation” for the Internet in re the broadband isp issue.

    Which doesn’t seem very likely, JJ lobbying against his enabler. Something’s missing. Here’s another look at JJ’s involvement:

    It’s a common opinion that the Worm wants to cripple the Internet as a free forum for political speech. He doesn’t like the way it’s empowered his critics. How he goes about it may be convoluted at first.

    This is another beginning he has in mind: Let me know if you can get into it.

  3. The JJ article is accessible, although it doesn’t fully clear up the JJ’s involvement. The second one is still locked behind the wall.