The PC Cult

As seen through the sharp lenses of celebrated Russian writer Victor Pelevin:

“I think political correctness is justified when it allows you to preserve human dignity. When it becomes a fetish and a national cult, it is a bit ridiculous. Nobody wants linguistic He-or-shema, as in America, but in any society where different ethnicities live one next to the other, a certain minimum of politically correct clichés will not hurt. Americans are very pragmatic people. They introduced political correctness because it instantly creates a formal bridge across the emotionally charged quagmire. Call a black person a Negro and you immediately acquire a share of responsibility for the slave trade. Call him/her an African-American, and it will be easy to fire him/her. Political correctness creates clear rules, relying on which you can avoid ambiguity, although by itself political correctness is a very ambiguous thing.”

An ambiguity that facilitates news media witch hunts (and racist-manufacturing machines like Al Sharpton) against anyone the cult disagrees with for whatever reason, narrowing the range of thought and steering it hard Left.

Via Simply Jews.

2 responses to “The PC Cult

  1. I always thought Political Correctness could be summarized by “Sit Down! Shut Up! or Else!”.

  2. As they say: “Shut up,” he argued.