Strange Search Engine Queries

Once more with feeling. An idea cribbed from Dustbury, though we do not get near as many weird ones here at upstart Rancho Roly Poly as he does over at the fabled Bandwidth Wastage Station:

ализе фото  We could have sworn this was Greek until we did a little DuckDuckGo on it and discovered it was Rooskie. Either way it led right to one of our favorite Rule 5’s.

vietnam hot girls  This probably doesn’t belong on a list of the strange but who are we to complain? Like J.D. we saw few enough that looked like this (see link) back in the day (he says he saw none) but those few stayed in our memory to create a touch, however teensy weeny, of weak-kneed nostalgia for the place. Sans AK-47s.

mexican oldies Nope. Not this week or last or ever, actually. We do have a certain love for the Free Mexican Air Force, however, which is an oldie of a tune. Some say it refers to imbibing too much Tequila in one sitting (and swallowing the worm) tho like Peter Rowan we prefer to think of it as smoking the “fruits of the field,” the one cross-border commodity we have no gripe with.

sexy nude plus sized women models Plus-size women models we have here, in, uh, abundance, indeed. Sexy they are, as well. But nude? Not us, Google, we swear. Until the aforementioned link anyhow. Via Google, you may notice.

steyn ratzenberger tinker woodstock  Now oddly, we do know to what this refers, but you couldn’t prove it by Google any more. The Knowledge Vault must be kicking in. Fine by us as we are switching to DuckDuckGo, which is no stranger a name than Google, after all.

rick perry negatives  Yes, pilgrims, there are a few. But it was a great run while it lasted and many of us are going to miss ol’ Rick, the former Air Force C-130 pilot and always-Aggie, in the restored-mansion.

the houlihan lasso This one, we are happy to say, still points here in the first spot on a Google search and the 11th on DuckDuckGo. What it is and how it’s thrown are well-explained. But just how it came to be called Houlihan remains hidden in the mists of time. This might help, if you trust those sorts of things. One thing’s for sure, those Irish sure do get around.

nud yoga photo of amrican women We’ve no idea how this one led a searcher to us as our own search engine reveals nothing. All we can say for sure is we have no nud yoga photos of any kind, let alone of amrican women, whatever they are.

audits of american legions who does them? Uh, other than their own hierarchy, there was the IRS back in 2013. It was one of Wormtongue’s first uses of the agency to get back at his enemies, in this case the voters of Texas who did not want any more of his brand of “hope & change.”

whatever happened to ashley graham rule Not a thing, good sirs. With only four entries (so far) in the Rule 5 sweepstakes, she clearly rules.

known chinese submarine bases Ah, this has become a perennial favorite in the query category, though our in-house search engine doesn’t show any ready access to anything but the query. So the Chinese navy should please go pull a denial-of-service on someone else. Such as the Pentagon, or Obozo’s White House. Sank Kew, veery mooch.

whi wears a timex expedition  Whi does? What a coincidence. We does, too. Well, a Timex, though not the Expedition model. In fact our Timex fetish is the No. 11 spot in a DuckDuckGo search of these words. Call it syncronicity. (Actually we think whi is shorthand for the white-colored model of the watch. Ours is olive drab.)

2 responses to “Strange Search Engine Queries

  1. Aha! I see you succumbed to that bloggers’ malady. I know that from time to time one has to clean the system 😉

    P.S. I do happen to have Timex Expedition. It is cool, with that indigo lighting… 18 bucks in Target (on sale), somewhere in the middle of Utah.

  2. Malady? Hey, this is fun! Timex is the tops for sure.