Shucking the blog

Andy of MyOldRV, post-gate guarding in the shut-down Eagle Ford fracking field and wandering ever since has considered stopping blogging.

“I have heard from lots of y’all these last few weeks mostly inquiring if all was well. It is, make no mistake. It is VERY well!  I am just running way down below that invasive and offensive radar as I possibly can.  Sometimes, late in the still evening when Little Blue is shut down for the day and the Jim Beam is out on the counter and Tuco the Dog is laying at my feet,  I toy with the idea of shucking it all.  No blog,  no continuing sharing that began six years ago with that first blog entry.  I think about it ever more often but it is not time.”

Naw. Never would be too soon. Happy Trails!

5 responses to “Shucking the blog

  1. Gracias para los palabras amable Dick.

    The beer is cold and the winds are soft here in Central Texas. May it always be so.

  2. De nada, senor. Enjoy it all before it gets to be muy caliente in a few months.

  3. Now, don’t say that the thought never crossed your mind too, Dick. Every blogger has it from time to time.

  4. Truthfully, no. Even after nine years of it, I still enjoy the eclectic expression. Probably because I wrote for a living just about every day for 35 years, usually things I was assigned as often as chose. And now I do the choosing all the time. Ha!