The Democrat Steno Pool

To paraphrase Kurt Schlichter: I commanded a cavalry platoon, so my default tactic is to attack. But in the current culture war by far the best offense is mockery.

Hence my choices of monikers for the lamestream media: the snooze media (since they’re all asleep from doing things the same way for so long), the lapdog media (self-explanatory, eh Barry?) and the Democrat media (given their political bias).

But I have to like Schlichter’s new one: The Democrat Steno Pool. Remember it as you watch them savage Cruz, Rubio, Walker and the other GOP candidates while saving their “objectivity” for Godzillary.

Via Instapundit.

4 responses to “The Democrat Steno Pool

  1. The great mistake the right (conservatives whatever you want to call us) makes is in having this weird notion that if we just give them facts or talk to them reasonably they will suddenly magically change, see the light, and love us. It ain’t gonna happen period. Instead Fox (with all it’s problems I won’t get into) gives a hint on what to do. Build and defend our own institutions. You say, but we already have institutions and they are tearing them apart, yes that is true, but do it we must. Look at how popular and successful Fox News is and this with it’s semi leftist leanings. If we have our own and persevere we won’t need to change them, they’ll come to us. In the meantime as the great Post Modern Philosopher R. Lee once said; “Let’s go out and sprinkle some sh*t in their rice bowls.”

  2. I don’t think Fox has semi-leftist leanings. I think you misinterpret their country club / mainstream republican line for being leftist. And relative to an Assyrian, and myself, I reckon they are. Never mind.

  3. I don’t see Fox’s alleged conservative leaning, either, but that’s because I only go to them for news not the commentary. The latter may be mostly conservative, sprinkled with a few RINO (read lefty) opinions, but the former seems very objective to me. I like very much that their political reporting gives equal weight to both sides, something you will not always find in most Democrat news media today. Which I think is one reason the left hates Fox so much, though they only cite the commentary in their objections.

  4. “And relative to an Assyrian,” It is true I tend to be old school!