Jihad in Garland

I have to say that running a public contest to see who could draw the most infuriating cartoon of Mighty Mo wasn’t all that bright. But, of course, it shouldn’t have drawn gunfire from Muslim nutjobs or their hangers-on.

Best of recovery to the security guard who was shot (he seems to have been released from the hospital already) and condolences to the innocent for whatever lasting stress the wouldbe killers may have caused them.

As for the slain Jihadis, well, they surely got what they deserved. They shouldn’t have messed with Texas.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  The 1st Place tie in the cartoon contest. Heh.

AND:  It’s a bit academic why Elton Simpson, one of the dead Mofos, wasn’t put away in 2010 by the FBI. Fart, Barf & Itch didn’t do a good job. Where have we heard that before. Happily, he’s a dead one now.

MORE:  Simpson’s skipping prison apparently had more to with the judge than the FBI, says Sultan Knish: “Judge Mary H. Murguia, a Clinton appointee who has been bandied about as a possible Obama Supreme Court nominee, chose to believe a claim by his public defender that when he was taped talking about Jihad, it might have meant ‘an internal struggle to maintain faith’, instead of killing non-Muslims.” Liberals are so credulous. They keep the Jihadis laughing up their sleeves.

2 responses to “Jihad in Garland

  1. I went to the Muhammad Cartoon contest in TEXAS, and all I got was this lousy 5.56 round to the head .

  2. Didn’t penetrate, though. Obviously. Boomeranged, in fact.