Explaining the Baltimore riots in one sentence…

…well, maybe two.

Via Soopermexican.

4 responses to “Explaining the Baltimore riots in one sentence…

  1. Ms. Mosby evidently has a nice set of tits. Too bad she goes around with that surly look on her face most of the time.

  2. Fightin’ racism, you know. Takes a lot of energy.

  3. Yeah, rather sad. But sounds true.

  4. It is true, or most of it is. Amazing how they keep whining, even when they have control. But maybe they’re just trying to divert attention from the FBI crime stats, which show that blacks are the cause of almost a third of ALL crime in the US. A majority of the robberies and almost half of all the murders. See here: https://texasscribbler.com/2015/05/04/behind-the-baltimore-rioting/

    The only “good” part about black rioting is that it almost always stays in the black neighborhoods. They destroy their own. The rioters don’t have the guts to take on a white neighborhood. Fortunately for them.