Open carry of swords

I concur with Andy of MyOldRV who says openly carrying a gun merely warns any possible attackers ahead of time to come up with a stronger strategy and tactics .

Ah, but swords. A rapier, I think, would be a nice everyday accouterment to hang on the hip. A saber would be even better but being longer (and curved) it might be harder to deal with.

Open carry of swords, that’s the ticket. And Bowie knives.

5 responses to “Open carry of swords

  1. Henry Seramur

    Didn’t congress pass a law about a hundred years ago that banned open carry of swords? Does anybody know about this law?

  2. Laws are made to be broken. And repealed, or otherwise superseded. Open carry of guns is banned in some states, but that’s changing. Swords should be next.

  3. While I agree with the idea of Open Carry of Swords, dirks, bowie knives etc, I can’t agree completely with your thoughts on Open Carry of Firearms.

    Please note this is not a complete disagreement I think that some — probably a very, very small fraction of the criminals will see a firearm and make plans to be better armed or use different tactics.

    But most of the research on ordinary predators — Rory Miller’s Facing Violence; Preparing for the Unexpected is a great resource and defines this as ‘resource predators’ – prefer easy victims. They want people who won’t fight back, who won’t be a good witness, who don’t pay attention to their environment.

    I guess the question becomes will the increase of violence from one group be greater than the decrease of violence from the other.

    Bob S.

  4. I’m not sure the kind of weapon you carry really matters. The reason you mentioned not to carry guns works for swords too: somebody will think about a better plan for attack, which includes, surely, a gun.

  5. Well, sure they would. But think how much fun it would be to carry a sword. Haven’t done that since I was seven or so. And then it was plastic.