Blacks do the crime, whites get the blame

Black academics like the new “Mrs” Grundy blame white men for racism and sexism, which along with classism are the major preoccupations of modern “scholarship.” They’re frantically trying to deflect attention from the federal crime stats.

The latest (2012) stats (if you can believe Fart, Barf & Itch who collect and tabulate them) show that blacks commit almost a third of all crimes in the US, a majority of the robberies and almost half of the murders. Despite being a mere 13 percent of the population—and ubiquitous in just about every ad you see anywhere.

Begin to see why the Al Sharptons scurry so fast to twist and shout about the latest black victim while ignoring the white ones? They have a whole lot to cover up.

UPDATE:  “Mrs” Grundy is one of what Yale literature professor Harold Bloom calls “the pseudo-power and gender-freaks” in the School of Resentment.

3 responses to “Blacks do the crime, whites get the blame

  1. One can spend a lot of time searching for a character more racist than Mr Sharpton, whose bio is full of hateful attacks on almost any kind of people.

  2. Hey, now, you’re badmouthing our president’s great pal who is frequently an honored guest at the White House. And at the same time manages to be in arrears on his income taxes without any penalty. Friends in high places you know. Even his daughter is getting into the act. She’s Daddy’s little girl.